Best Kitesurfing Spots in Sri Lanka

Top Kitesurfing Spots in Sri Lanka = Kiting in Paradise

Kitesurfing is an amazing sport where you can move in 3 dimensions and where you can enjoy the power of the wind to the max! Furthermore, if you can do kitesurfing in a place with very steady wind and flat water, then you are lucky. Sri Lanka is one of the kitesurfing destinies that is growing fastest around the world and this is because kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is like kitesurfing in paradise!

If  you haven’t heard that Sri Lanka is one of the top kitesurfing destinations yet, then you should keep reading my post. There are some incredible kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka with flat water where you can learn quick and where you can improve your kitesurfing tricks in no time.

Sri Lanka is South of India and it is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It has incredible UNESCO heritage places and it is one of the countries with more biodiversity in the world. In the West coast of Sri Lanka, it is windy around 9 months of the year, that’s what makes Sri Lanka one of the most windiest countries in Asia.

Because it is in the west coast where the wind blows strongest, it is on this west coastline where you can find some of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka.

The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo and most of these kite spots are located North of Colombo. The international airport is in the famous city of Negombo and it is possible to kite here also, however, the more North you go, the better kitesurfing spots you will find.

best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka

What are the most famous kite spots in Sri Lanka?

Kalpitiya is a paradise for kitesurfing and the most famous kitesurfing destination in Sri Lanka. Around Kalpitiya you will find the best kite spots In Sri Lanka.  That’s why you shouldn’t come to Sri Lanka for a kitesurfing trip without visiting Kalpitiya.

Approximately 20 km South from Kalpitiya you will come across the town of Kappaladi, which is also a very famous destination and there you will find a small kite lagoon with very steady wind. Both Kalpitiya lagoon and Kappaladi lagoon are the perfect spots to master your kitesurfing skills.

Donkey Point is a cape between Kalpitiya and Kapaladi and in the Summer the wind is perfect at this point. Here kite surfers come to kite in the ocean for the waves. At Donkey Point the wind is very strong in Summer and it is definitely not a good spot for beginners.

Another very interesting kite spot to visit is Vella Island, an island located 30 km North of Kalpitiya. Vella is a very long island with flat water and perfect for advanced kitesurfers. Vella Island has offshore winds and it is not recommended for beginners either.

Among all the kite spots in Sri Lanka, one the most famous is Dream Spot. Dream Spot is perfect for beginners because it has side shore winds. By boat, it is close to Kalpitiya town, so it is the perfect kite trip to do from Kalpitiya.

Navy Point is another kite spot in Sri Lanka, located around 15 km North of Dream spot. In winter the water is really flat and the wind is offshore.

Margarita Kite School is the one of the few schools that organise downinds from Dream Spot to Navy Point.

Here is a map showing these two top kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka:

kite spots sri lanka

Ippantivu Island is also a very good kite spot. This small island is in the middle of Puttalam lagoon and during Summer the water is very flat.  During the winter kitesurfing season you can also go downwind from Dream Spot to Ippantivu Island, however at Winter the water is very choppy.

There is another interesting kite spot in Sri Lanka, located on the East coast and it is called Arugam Bay. This village has always been a very famous surfing village and yet there are not many kitesurfers. However, if the wind is good enough, you can kite surf there too.

Sometimes the wind is quite strong in the South, like in Matara village. In the South of Sri Lanka you can also find good beaches to kite in the ocean.

Sri lanka kite spots

Sri Lanka is an amazing country to explore and if you are mad about kitesurfing you will find this country the perfect paradise to kite!

There are such amazing kite spots in Sri Lanka that you shouldn’t miss!

top kite spots in sri lanka

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