Alejandro’s Challenge!

Learning Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya Lagoon Kite Spot


Alejandro is a guy who never did any kind of water sports before! He came to Sri Lanka to learn kitesurfing and to improve his physical condition! The Kalpitiya lagoon kite spot is the perfect spot to learn kitesurfing for Alejandro! Will Alejandro achieve his goal? Will he be able to stand on the board? Follow the kitesurfing experiences of Alejandro in his YouTube channel.

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Overnight Stay Trip On Vella Island, Sri Lanka

Vella Island Sri Lanka – Kitesurfing in FULL MOON

Vella Island is probably the best spot to kite in Sri Lanka and it is also considered to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. This tiny island is where many of the world champions come for training.

On Vella Island there are not many facilities as it is a fisherman’s island without electricity and water supply.  However, the wind is perfect and the water is super flat, that’s why it doesn’t matter about the lack of facilities, when the conditions for kitesurfing are just amazing!

Vella Island, Sri Lanka is located 50 minutes north from Kalpitiya town and many kitesurfing schools in Kalpitiya organize daily kite trips to the island. Going to Vella Island is quite easy, however, returning to Kalpitiya can be more of a challenge as there are many waves, that’s why it takes longer to return to Kalpitiya than going out to Vella. Anyway, it is always worthwhile going to Vella Island, Sri Lanka for a kitesurfing trip as it is an amazing place!

The wind at Vella Island, Sri Lanka is very similar to Kalpitiya wind but sometimes it is a little bit stronger. Around 2-3 more knots.

The guys from Sun Wind Beach, Kalpitiya organize many overnight stays on Vella Island and last June I had the chance to join them for a kitesurfing trip to Vella Island. We went in full moon so we could kite at night, under the light of the moon. This was one of the greatest experiences I have had in Sri Lanka so far. I have already been to many kite spots in Sri Lanka but riding at Vella Island, with the full moon, it just exceeded all my expectations!

Sushanta and his team from Sun Wind Beach, Kalpitiya provide a warm welcome to all people joining them on a kite trip. They really take excellent care of everyone! Once on Vella Island they organize everything to make all the riders happy. We could sleep in comfortable donkey beds and hammocks. We ate pasta, curry and rice and fruits and at night we had music and a lot of smiles! Totally recommended, a kitesurfing trip to Vella Island with the Sun Wind Kalpitiya team.

This is a video from Sushanta’s Full Moon party!