Sri Lanka Kite Report Summer 2019

Kitesurfing Season in Sri Lanka, Summer 2019

Once again, we want to share with the kitesurfing community our last kitesurfing summer season in Sri Lanka. Many of you are planning a kitesurfing trip to Sri Lanka and I am sure you are wondering: What is the wind like in summer? What kites should I take?

This year we had unexpected good wind from the first week of May and we were really happy that we could kite for 5 months continuously.

Normally, in the beginning of May, it rains a lot in Kalpitiya, sometimes it is all flooded and that is why we didn’t expect to have that early wind.

sri lanka kite summer season 2019

In general, the summer season was great and from the beginning of May to the end of September we had strong winds almost every day. Comparing to last year, this summer season we had stronger winds and we were using 6-7 metres kites on most days. Some days we had to use 9-10 meters kites, with perfect wind for leaning and for improving new tricks. Of course, this year, we also went to Vella many times and there the wind is stronger than in Kalpitiya lagoon. We were also quite surprised, as this year the Full Moon days did not affect the wind too much. In Kalpitiya the wind normally stops during Full Moon days, however, this year we had very good wind even in full moon. In August we did a kitesurfing trip to Vella Island with the guys from SWB Kalpitiya, with a stay over at Vella Island. Riding at Vella Island, at night, with the full moon, is probably one of the best experiences in life for any kitesurfer. Check the video!

During the first two weeks of September we had lighter winds than in the previous months and we were riding 12-14 meters kites. That’s why, in September, we went to Dream Spot and Ippantivu Island almost every day, due to the gusty conditions in Kalpitiya lagoon. Kalpitiya lagoon in summer is great to kite when the forecast marks from 16 knots up, however, if it marks 13-15 knots it is best to move around to catch the better wind.

The kitesurfing season is officially over on the last week of September due to very strong rain, as it is the beginning of Sri Lanka’s wet season. We are then super eager to start the next winter kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka, starting the end of December!!

sri lanka kite season 2019

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