Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya. What are the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka?


Kitesurfing is a sport that has become very fashionable in recent years and more and more people are organizing kitesurfing trips during their vacations. One of the most popular kite destinations worldwide is Sri Lanka, south of India. Sri Lanka is a country where you can combine cultural tourism and at the same time enjoy your kite spots. With wind during most of the year, we can make kite at almost any time of the year. Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka means kitesurfing in some of the best kite spots in the world.

Without a doubt, the best kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka are located around  Kalpitiya. Here below we indicate which are the best places to kite in Kalpitiya and its surroundings:

The island of Vella. Very good wind conditions. Flat water to progress in kitesurfing. It is an hour by boat from kalpitiya (price of the excursion from Kalpitiya: around euros) Probably one of the best kite spots in Sri Lanka

The Donkey Point: It can be accessed in tuk tuk from Kalpitiya. This kitesurf spot is ideal for those who like to sail in the sea. The military controls the area

The kalpitiya lagoon: it is the main place for kitesurfing. It can be easily accessed by the path that leads to the beach. The kalpitiya lagoon has become famous internationally

The Puttalam lagoon: less known for kite practice than the Kalpitiya lagoon but very good spot for kite trips to the islands north of Kalpitiya

The Kappaladi lagoon: this lagoon is also very famous internationally for the practice of kitesurfing. Very constant wind. This is another super kite spot in Sri Lanka to learn kitesurfing!

The dream spot: kite place easily accessible from Kalpitiya and very good spot for beginners (price of the excursion around 30 euros per person)

The island of Ippantivu: less known than the island of vella but a spectacular island for the practice of kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. This island is worth visiting during the summer months (from May to September)

In addition to Kalpitiya and its surroundings, it is possible to practice kitesurfing on the east coast (Arugam bay). However, in this spot the wind is more unpredictable and is not as constant as on the east coast. Arugam bay is very famous for surfing and is much more exploited at the tourist level than Kalpitiya.

If you are a beginner in the world of kite, you probably ask yourself this question. Where is the best place to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka?

From all the places we have listed, the best place to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is in the Kalpitiya lagoon. Why? Well, the wind comes Side almost during the two seasons of Summer and winter. In addition, this is where most schools are concentrated. Kalpitiya is a very quiet place with a unique charm. It is worth going to Kalpitiya to learn kite in a fast and safe way.