What are the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka?

Hi guys, here you will find what are the best kite spots in Kalpitiya!

Kalpitiya lagoon :

 Kalpitiya lagoon is the main spot for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya. Here you can find all the kiteschools in the area

Dream sport

The dream spot is located in the Dutch Bay, just 20 min by boat from Kalpitiya and it is super cool place for kitesurfing

Vella Island

Vella island is considered one of the top places for kitesurfing in the world. Also located 45 min by boat from Kalpitiya

Kappaladi lagoon

Small lagoon perfect for learning. In this lagoon you will also find some kite schools. It is located 20 km south from kalpitiya

Donkey point

It is a cape located 15 km south kalpitiya, with very choppi water