Kitesurfing Sri Lanka

kitesurfing Sri Lanka = kiting with Love

Sri Lanka is from long time ago a well-known country for surfing. On the south coast and on the east coast there are many surf spots that are references for the practice of this sport. During the last years, Sri Lanka has also become a benchmark for kitesurfing. On the west coast of Sri Lanka the wind blows 9 months a year, which makes Sri Lanka one of the kite destinations with unsurpassed wind statistics. In Sri Lanka we find the best kitesurfing spots to learn and to progress. While kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, you will have the chance to meet new kite spots with flat water and meet people like you, who come from around the world to experience what means to kite in this authentic kitesurfing destination.  Actually kite surfing in Sri Lanka means kitesurfing surrounded by family, friends or just LOVE!!!

The best-known kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka are north of Colombo: Negombo-Chilaw – Puttalam, Kalpitiya, Mannar and Jaffna. Thanks to good wind statistics and flat-water kite spots, Sri Lanka is a good destination to schedule a kitesurfing holiday.

The best kite spots to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka are found in Kalpitiya and its surroundings, since in Kalpitiya it is where the wind blows the strongest. In addition, there are countless islands near kalpitiya that can be considered excellent kite spots. It is not surprising that it is in Kalpitiya where the main schools of kitesurfing are located and where there is greater tourist development.

Top kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka:

Kite spots in Kalpitiya and surroundings

The main kite spot in Kalpitiya is the Kalpitiya lagoon, where the wind blows 9 months a year and is the main spot to learn kite. During the winter months, from December to March, the wind blows from the northeast and enters the lagoon very clean. The average of wind is of 14 to 20 knots approximately and during this epoch big comets, of 12 14 meters are needed. On the other hand, during the summer months, the wind blows stronger, an average of 18 to 25 knots and kites are usually used 10 meters, although there are days that I could do a wind of up to 30 knots and smaller kites are needed . In the Kalpitiya lagoon it is relatively easy to learn kite compared to other spots. The wind is side shore and in many places the water is very shallow.

Another very famous Kite spot near Kalpitiya is the Kappaladi lagoon. As in Kalpitiya, there are many kite schools in this lagoon, however it is much smaller than the kalpitiya lagoon and when there are many kites in the water there is not enough space for everyone. In this lagoon you can do kitesurfing only during summer  because in winter the wind does not go very well. In the summer months, a strong wind comes in like in kalpitiya although it is a much cleaner wind than in kalpitiya (it enters directly from the sea)

Among kalpitiya’s most famous kite trips, the trip to Vella island is the most interesting. Vella is approximately one hour by boat from Kalpitiya and is a very long and narrow island. This is probably one of the best Kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka. When the wind blows very hard on one side of the island, which turns the other side of the island into a magnificent kite spot with super flat water. It is on this island that many of the current kite champions of the world come to train. In Vella island there is also wind almost all year round, although in the summer months it is more worth the trip to Vella since in winter the wind comes too late to have to travel so far. (In Vella Island there are no hotels or infrastructure, only small fishermen hats)

The Dream spot is a magnificent kite spot that is quite close to Kalpitiya. From Kalpitiya to the Dream spot it takes about 20 minutes by boat and you can kite all year round. The Dream apot is a flat water spot where in summer a very clean wind comes in, making it a perfect spot for those who want to learn and progress in kite. In this spot there are no schools but it is usual for many schools to organize kite trips with their clients and students.

Navy Point is the kite spot at the end of the Dutch Bay (Dutch Bay) and where it is worth making a kite trip from kalpitiya during the winter months. This spot is a huge tongue of flat water with off-shore winds, which makes it a spot for more advanced kiters.

Kite spots in the Puttalam lagoon

In Puttalam there is a gigantic flat water lagoon with many islands where you can kite. The government of Sri Lanka has launched a tourist plan to build hotels on many of these islands, but today they are very charming islands where there are only fishermen, which makes them quite unique kite spots.

One of the best-known islands is Ippantivu, located about 30 minutes by boat from kalpitiya. On this island a tourist plan is planned to build a macro resort but today this Project is stopped, and it is an ideal destination for kitesurfers

List of the most important things to keep in mind when kitesurfing in Sri Lanka!

* Sri Lanka is the best kitesurfing destination in Asia thanks to the consistent winds and the flat water spots. If you come in summer timer you should bring a 7-10 m kite. If you come in winter you should bring a 12-14 m kite, depending on your weight

* Kalpitiya is the main place for learning kitesurfing in Sri Lanka because of the lagoon conditions. You will learn easier here than in other spots. In the beach of Kalpitiya there are no proper facilities like toilets, so be prepared to make your needs secretly 🙂

*  A part from taking in mind the main kitesurfing seasons in Sri Lanka, you should know that the full moon affects the wind. It is not happening always , but very often there is no wind in Full moon! The wind usually stops blowing 3-4 days and 3-4 days after full moon. It is not always happening but if you are coming from far away for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka,better you take this in mind

* Kalpitiya is yet a developing tourist destiny without many facilities (souvenir shops, restaurants, bars…. Don´t expect much social life around. In that sense, it is yet an authentic kitesurfing destination and it is why many people get in love with Kalpitiya

* DONKEYS!!! Yes, if you come to Sri Lanka for kitesurfing you will find Donkeys everywhere. Don´t worry! They are wild and peaceful

Where to stay in Kalpitiya? What are the most recognized kitesurfing camps around?

Kalpitiya is a new tourist destiny, that means that you will find pretty new hotels and guesthouses around. Here we have developed a list with some of the best choices to stay in Kalpitiya when a kitesurfing trip:

Top hotels in Kalpitiya:

The Kite Atlantis Resort. This boutique hotel is the best choice to stay if you want comfort , privacy and to be right at the kite spot. This hotel is perfect for families with children as there is plenty of space to play and to move around. Kite Atlantis Resort provides a boat service to cross the kalpitiya lagoon

Salt Bay. Thusita is the owner of the Salt Bay and he is the soul of this place. Salt Bay is the perfect hotel to be if you are looking to stay in an authentic timber bungalow, and if you want to meet new friends and being surrounded by good vibes. Salt Bay´s location is also perfect, by the beach of Kudawa Village.  Tusitha is such a happy person , always having a smile for everybody. A part from a nice guy, he is probably the best chef in Kalpitiya, so even though you are not staying in Salt Bay, you should pass by for dinner to taste his incredible TUNA BBQ and PIZZA

Kalpitiya Beach hostel. Located in Kudawa Village, this lodge is also the perfect place if you want to meet new people and make friends from different cultures. You will share your stay with other people from around the world. Kalpitiya Beach hostel is probably the most recognized budget lodges in Kalpitiya


IKO is the most recognized institution in the kitesurfing world and establishes standard methods of teaching. When searching for kite schools in Sri Lanka, be sure that the school is legal and certified by IKO.  There are actually 2 main kitesurfing schools IKO certified schools in Kalpitiya lagoon:

* Valampuri kitesurfing resort

This kitesurfing resort is located right at the kite spot and it is the best choice to stay in Kalpitiya if you want to learn kitesurfing and being in a high standard resort with a huge swimming pool

* Margarita Kite school

Located in Sethhawadi neighborhood, Margarita kite school is top rated school in IKO and tripadvisor too

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