Best Kitesurfing Spots in Sri Lanka

Top Kitesurfing Spots in Sri Lanka = Kiting in Paradise

Kitesurfing is an amazing sport where you can move in 3 dimensions and where you can enjoy the power of the wind to the max! Furthermore, if you can do kitesurfing in a place with very steady wind and flat water, then you are lucky. Sri Lanka is one of the kitesurfing destinies that is growing fastest around the world and this is because kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is like kitesurfing in paradise!

If  you haven’t heard that Sri Lanka is one of the top kitesurfing destinations yet, then you should keep reading my post. There are some incredible kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka with flat water where you can learn quick and where you can improve your kitesurfing tricks in no time.

Sri Lanka is South of India and it is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It has incredible UNESCO heritage places and it is one of the countries with more biodiversity in the world. In the West coast of Sri Lanka, it is windy around 9 months of the year, that’s what makes Sri Lanka one of the most windiest countries in Asia.

Because it is in the west coast where the wind blows strongest, it is on this west coastline where you can find some of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka.

The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo and most of these kite spots are located North of Colombo. The international airport is in the famous city of Negombo and it is possible to kite here also, however, the more North you go, the better kitesurfing spots you will find.

best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka

What are the most famous kite spots in Sri Lanka?

Kalpitiya is a paradise for kitesurfing and the most famous kitesurfing destination in Sri Lanka. Around Kalpitiya you will find the best kite spots In Sri Lanka.  That’s why you shouldn’t come to Sri Lanka for a kitesurfing trip without visiting Kalpitiya.

Approximately 20 km South from Kalpitiya you will come across the town of Kappaladi, which is also a very famous destination and there you will find a small kite lagoon with very steady wind. Both Kalpitiya lagoon and Kappaladi lagoon are the perfect spots to master your kitesurfing skills.

Donkey Point is a cape between Kalpitiya and Kapaladi and in the Summer the wind is perfect at this point. Here kite surfers come to kite in the ocean for the waves. At Donkey Point the wind is very strong in Summer and it is definitely not a good spot for beginners.

Another very interesting kite spot to visit is Vella Island, an island located 30 km North of Kalpitiya. Vella is a very long island with flat water and perfect for advanced kitesurfers. Vella Island has offshore winds and it is not recommended for beginners either.

Among all the kite spots in Sri Lanka, one the most famous is Dream Spot. Dream Spot is perfect for beginners because it has side shore winds. By boat, it is close to Kalpitiya town, so it is the perfect kite trip to do from Kalpitiya.

Navy Point is another kite spot in Sri Lanka, located around 15 km North of Dream spot. In winter the water is really flat and the wind is offshore.

Margarita Kite School is the one of the few schools that organise downinds from Dream Spot to Navy Point.

Here is a map showing these two top kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka:

kite spots sri lanka

Ippantivu Island is also a very good kite spot. This small island is in the middle of Puttalam lagoon and during Summer the water is very flat.  During the winter kitesurfing season you can also go downwind from Dream Spot to Ippantivu Island, however at Winter the water is very choppy.

There is another interesting kite spot in Sri Lanka, located on the East coast and it is called Arugam Bay. This village has always been a very famous surfing village and yet there are not many kitesurfers. However, if the wind is good enough, you can kite surf there too.

Sometimes the wind is quite strong in the South, like in Matara village. In the South of Sri Lanka you can also find good beaches to kite in the ocean.

Sri lanka kite spots

Sri Lanka is an amazing country to explore and if you are mad about kitesurfing you will find this country the perfect paradise to kite!

There are such amazing kite spots in Sri Lanka that you shouldn’t miss!

top kite spots in sri lanka

Learn more about kite spots in Sri Lanka!

What are the best kite school in Kalpitiya?

What is the kite season in Sri Lanka?


Best Kite School in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Review from Ingrid January 2019 – Tripadvisor

bets kite school kalpitiya

I can say that Margarita Kite School is the best kite school I have ever been! Thank you a lot to all the team of Margarita Village, best kite school in Kalpitiya. The time I spent with you guys was awesome and I will never forget!  = Eusebi, Ruben, Mario and Mirella, Nisala, Rasikha, John and all Margarita Family you are the best! I will miss you!

There are many places to kite in the world. But finding the perfect place when you don’t know anything about Kite, it gets complicated.

I was looking at several blogs of Kite spots in the world and I was struck by a place called Kalpitiya in the northwest of Sri Lanka, where there is an ideal lagoon for this sport. It was the perfect place to learn and, at the same time, to tour this country.

Before coming to Kalpitiya, I looked for a Kite school that would fit what I was looking for. A calm place, with good atmosphere, economic and that had its own school of Kite.

The instructors made it very easy for me from the beginning. They were flexible to my dates and what I liked most was that I had an instructor for me duro the course.

I Booked a 9h course to be able to do what they say, «water start». It was one of the best experiences of my life.

At the beginning, moving the kite, I was a little frustrated because I can’t control it very well. Once the instructor saw me ready, we went into the water to control from there.

The next step is bodydrag. It’s amazing when you notice that the kite helps you crawl through the water. But when you lose the board and you have to recover the kite doing body dragging, you thanks to instructor for the time that you spent with him in the water.

It’s time for the water start. After falling hundred times before standing up, the feeling you get when you get up and start riding is priceless. Initially I made a reservation for 3 days in the kite school, but after the sensation that remains in your body when you get up to ride, I reserved two more nights! Experience totally recommended for everyone. In this school there were people of all ages who joined us in the same passion: Kite.


Some Tips When Travelling to Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

After spending 3 years living in Kalpitiya, I have no doubt that it is a destination of Kite that is growing very fast and this place does not leave anyone indifferent. Although more and more people come to kite, mass tourism has not yet arrived and the area is still to be developed at a tourist level, which makes it a unique place of special beauty.

Kalpitiya is a peninsula about 40 km long, which goes from Puttalam to the same town that also bears the name Kalpitiya and which is at the end of the peninsula, where the main kite schools are located.

The main attraction of Kalpitiya at the level of kitesurfing is the flat and shallow water of the surrounding lagoons. Traditionally, fishing families have lived for many generations in this place and daily take their small boats to catch fish, prawns and crabs. They always have a smile for us, those lunatics who glide through the water with a board and a sail very similar to the one they use for their fishing boat. However, despite the hospitality of the local people, coexistence between traditional fishing and this emerging sport is not always easy, especially in the smaller lagoons.

In the Kappaladi lagoon, for example, the kitesurfing schedule is allowed until 5 o’clock in the afternoon. As of this hour it is the local fishermen who have the right to use and launch their nets in search of some good catch. This does not happen in the Kalpitiya lagoon, where fishermen are rewarded their fishing hours lost by other income obtained through services to kite schools. Lately, some of us practice kitesurfing in the immense Puttalam lagoon, where there are no kite schools, but the constant wind, the subliminal landscape and the uniqueness of the place makes it worthwhile.

In Kalpitiya there are many places to practice Kitesurfing. Apart from the Kalpitiya, Puttalam or Kappaladi lagoons, which are flat water, the best kite spots are found on the islands located north of Kalpitiya, where Vella Island would take away all the prizes. Vella Island is a very small island that on one side has sea and on the other side is the flat water of the lagoon. When it’s windy the conditions for freestyle in this place are perfect. However, Vella is not a good place for those who are learning, especially in the season from May to October, when the wind is offshore in the lagoon. The island is about 50 minutes by boat from Kalpitiya and you can go and return in the same day. The main schools of kitesurfing charge up to 45-50 dollars per person but can be reached by other means at a much more reasonable price. Another place to stand out is Donkey Point, a cape located about 10 km south of the town of Kalpitiya and a place that many choose to surf between waves.

The Kite Season
The main seasons for kitesurfing go from May to October, with wind throughout the day, about 18-20 knots on average and from December to March, where good wind blows in the afternoon. Between one season and another, the direction of the wind changes completely. In the season that goes from December to March the sea is calm and it is the best time to do diving, snorkeling, or go see dolphins or whales, so if it is not windy you can do many other activities. There is also the option throughout the year to schedule a safari in the Wilpattu National Park or visit the sacred city of Anuradhapura, as they are quite close to Kalpitiya.

* The full moon usually affects quite a lot of the wind conditions in Kalpitiya and about 3-4 days before and after the full moon it is not usually windy.

If you do not mind the price you are going to pay and you are looking for an all-inclusive resort, food, breakfast and dinner and also take you directly to the kite area, the best option is to stay at one of the main kitesurf schools located in front of the lagoon, since they all offer Full Board accommodation.

If instead you are looking for something cheaper and also want to have more freedom of time; to enter and leave the hotel, eat, dine, etc, or kite at different spots and at your own pace, you can find other options on, as the Margarita Village Kite School is also very near to the kite spots.



Hi guys,

It has now been 4 years I have have been living in Kalpitiya and that’s because it’s a great spot for kitesurfing. I am really fed up of reading everywhere that Kalpitiya is very gusty. People who say that Kalpitiya is gusty, it is because they have been only in Kalpitiya lagoon. The peninsula of Kalpitiya is more than 100 km long and there is excellent wind everywhere.

It is true that in Kalpitiya lagoon, during the summer season, the wind comes from a huge coconut tree area which can affect the wind, however, it is still great compared to other spots! Also, from December to the end of February, beginning of March, it is a thermic wind and it is coming directly from the ocean, so it is a super steady wind!

Last summer season was great, compared to 2016, especially during the months of May and June. During July, August and September we also had good wind but in August we had 5 days without wind! There was also one week in July when the wind was very light, so I had to use my 17 meter kite.
Apart from these days, most of the time I used my Airush Union 10 meters kite (18-20 knots) and in May and June I had to use my 7 meter kite, as during some days the wind was marked at 25 knots. (I am 75 kg)

Apart from the main kitesurfing spot located in Kalpitiya lagoon, there are other kitesurfing spots with SUPER GOOD WIND!
This year I was doing downwinds with friends and clients almost every day. I normally start from Kalpitiya Town, or from Dream Spot and we go to many islands where the wind is great. Sometimes we do 1 hour downwinds, sometimes up to 3 hours!

These are the kitesurfing spots that I enjoy to kite often:

* Vella Island
Vella Island (paradise island) is located approximately 50 min by boat from Kalpitiya and it is the perfect island for kitesurfing! Probably one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world!
Sometimes I do downinds from Kalpitiya to Vella Island (3h), however, I rather recommend to go to Vella by boat.

* Dream Spot
Only 25 minutes by boat from Kalpitiya, Dream Spot is located on the «Dutch bay», where the wind is very steady. There, there is narrow strip of sand that separates the ocean and Puttalam lagoon. In the lagoon there is flat and shallow water with side shore winds.

I also do downwinds from Kalpitiya to Dream Spot on the ocean. During summer season the ocean is very rough, so when we do downwinds the safety boat can not come with us. However, it is safe to ride on the ocean as there are always onshore winds.

* Puttalam Lagoon Islands
There are many islands on the vast Puttalam lagoon with flat and shallow water. I usually end up on one of these islands for my downwinds.

* Donkey Point
There are probably no other places in Kalpitiya where the wind is so strong and steady as it is on Donkey Point. This spot is located in a cape where you can kite on the ocean. When there is light wind, Donkey Point is where I go, because here the wind is a little bit stronger than in the lagoon.

* Kappaladi Lagoon
Kappaladi Lagoon is a small lagoon with very steady wind and flat, shallow water, located only 30 minutes by vehicle from Kalpitiya. We normally go there either by tuk tuk or motorbike.

My place is a small lodge, kite centre called MARGARITA VILLAGE (, however, I am happy to recommend other accommodation who organise downwinds and kite surfing trips to places I mention above . If you stay in one of these places, it means you have chosen well:

Ruuk Village; Sri Lanka Kite School; The Rascals; Valampuri Resort and Sun Wind Beach

Kitesurfing Lanka; Horizon Hotel and Surpoint Sri Lanka

Do not expect Kalpitiya to be full of nightlife and parties. At the moment there is only one place where you can enjoy good music, food and drinks and this is called Lak Laguna Bar, with Jessen and Mitch. They are super cool people and know how to host great parties.

I hope to meet you one day in Kalpitiya and enjoy some kitesurfing with you, for now

Ruben :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye:


Kitesurfing trips to Vella island Kalpitiya

Going to Vella Island for kitesurfing is just an amazing kitesurfing experience. Vella Island  is the best spot for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and it is located only 45 min by boat from Kalpitiya.

In summer time we go there almost every week as there we can find the best conditions for kitesurfing (flat and shallow water, with very steady wind)

Yet, this isand is very natural and unique. Here we only find local fishermen. There is no electricity nor water supply yet

We normally leave Margarita Village kitesurfing center at around 9 AM. Then, we get a boat and we head north, passing by all the beautiful mangroves area and the unspoiled islands from the Puttalam lagoon. In Vella island we have a beach hut where we keep all our stuff and where we can get some shade.  At around 4 pm we come back again to Kalpitiya. The experience is unique!



Here you have some photos of our trips to Vella:




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